When Reading Affects Your Dreams


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Sometimes when you watch a scary movie – it haunts you in your dream. But who would have thought a book could have such power? (And weeks after you’ve read it!)

I had a dream that I was Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games/Catching Fire. I mean – I was Katniss, but I was also myself. Even so – I had a dream I was being sent back into the ring, the games. I was absolutely horrified/terrified/[enter matching adjective]. This time the games were set in a large jail-like cage (maybe the size of a football field) surrounded by razor topped fences.

Suddenly we were in, scoping out the area. I notice that part of the fence has something hanging over it. I figured I could climb it and jump over the fence. I tell my alliance member (whose face was blank but I can only imagine that it was Peeta). As the moments passed before the games started — I was growing more and more anxious. There was no place to hide. I was going to be struck down at the moment the bell blew.

When the games began, we developed alliances almost immediately. Someone else on my team? Get this – Toby from The Office. He wasn’t an immediate alliance but soon paired up with us as he had an uncanny ability to survive regardless of how weak he appeared. He shadowed others and that is how he stayed alive.

Suddenly my group had escaped the large football field sized cage – but it’s not over. A lady and a young girl approaches us and says she is here to help us. We don’t immediately trust her so I tell her to bring my mother and sister back with her and if they are unharmed and happy, then I will know. Until then, we are on our way.

Hiding out in a house, one of my team members turns on me and tries to stab me with (something? a pencil perhaps?) so I shoot her in the neck and then back with an arrow. My brutal attack on an alliance member (when the others didn’t see her initial attack) developed fences (metaphorically speaking) and suddenly, half of us were on opposing teams.

My half escape into a room and out the window. Down the street, we climb high into a tree (way out of view). One member from the other alliance finds us, but climbs up the tree with us and doesn’t say a thing. I told her that I knocked her out to save her and suddenly everything was alright again and she was on our team once more.

We watched from a distance as the opposing team finally escape through the same window and are walking down the street in efforts to try to find us and kill us.  Suddenly they are sucked up by some unforseen forces and turn into large (??) something or others. Not entirely sure what it was.. bears maybe? But electronic bears? Chocolate bears? I can’t quite remember what they turned into. But we watched as they stood below the tree. They mentioned having some sort of acid indigestion issue and that is when Peeta motioned us to climb down and give them antacids (which there was a box full of liquid antacids and cups –  maybe from our sponsors?)

So the two of us climb down and start offering them liquid antacids. They all sat down and enjoyed feeling better and started talking about the movie Steel Magnolias. None of the monster-people-bears understood why Shelby died and I had to explain it to them. The little girl on our team and I offered to give them back massages, where they had a button on their necks to turn them off – and we slowly made our way around them, turning them off.

.. and that was the dream. How weird was that? And all because of a few books..

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  1. Kim says

    Wow…you remember all that? You must have a notepad by your bed. I very rarely remember dreams — if I do, it makes me tired.

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