REVIEW: #84 Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?


Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

Title: Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?
Author: Carmela La Vigna Coyle
Illustrated: Mike Gordon and Carl Gordon
ISBN: 1589795423
Pages: 32
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Synopsis: (As taken from In the first new Princesses book in four years, Carmela LaVigna Coyle celebrates friendship as two girls play dress-up, make forts from blankets and sheets, stomp in the mud, and generally do all the things that best friends do. Let’s make two bracelets with a double pink heart/And THEN we can wear them when we’re apart. I wish that our play date would never, ever end/That’s how it feels when you have a best friend.


The book Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever is not particularly long. It’s the perfect size in length for4-6 year olds. That being said, the length of the book and the adorable graphics illustrated by a father and son team — will surely keep their attention.

The actual story itself is less than desirable. I just didn’t get it. We are introduced to Princess #1 who invites her new friend over. However when we meet her friend (Princess #2) they act as if they have never met. Then the story proceeds to be a series of “how can I make this rhyme” type of story. Yet the rhymes offer no real substance. For example:

Do Princesses sing on the way to the zoo?
Yes! Maybe my mom will sing along, too.

Alright.. sure? What is this really teaching me? How does it really flow with the earlier story? It doesn’t. Another one:

How do zookeepers pick up the poop? The zoo must own a very big scoop.

I mean, really? What does this have to do with Princesses having best friends forever? Because the title of the book is Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever? I’d like to see it be a book that answers the question. It doesn’t have to rhyme to gain a child’s attention, but if there are rhymes, they need to be clever.

have-best-friends-coverMaybe a story of two princesses butting heads — letting their “royal” titles get in the way of their friendship. The things they do to each other when they are angry to up one another. Maybe someone getting their feelings hurt. Then their making up? I have no idea — but I would like to see it have a moral to the story and/or a real point in regards to the title.

A good story isn’t about the wonderful illustrations or the rhymes, but what the reader walks away from it remembering. What did they learn? Did it teach them a new concept like alphabet or numbers? Or did it teach them how to be polite or social manners of some sort? Is the book meant to be completely comical or satire in some way?

Either way the book falls flat on the actual story. However if you have a young reader, they may enjoy the illustrations, the fact that they are “princesses” (even self-titled) and they may giggle when the author says, “poop”.

Overall: The book is one you should get at the library. Something to borrow, but I wouldn’t purchase it myself.

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  1. Stefani says

    Adorable book about two new friends. A couple of the two-page spreads bothered me, as they felt really out of place (like the elephant poop). But girls will enjoy most of it.

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