REVIEW: #79 Phantoms by Dean Koontz


Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Title: Phantoms
Author:Dean Koontz
ISBN: 0425181103
Pages: 448

Synopsis: (Taken from
They found the town silent, apparently abandoned. Then they found the first body, strangely swollen and still warm. One hundred fifty were dead, 350 missing. But the terror had only begun in the tiny mountain town of Snowfield, California.


phantoms-coverIt was a scary read, that is for sure. I don’t think I had as many f-ed up dreams as I did when I was reading this novel, Phantoms by Dean Koontz. The entire thing was creepy. A doctor and her younger sister (which, due to an age gap, don’t know each other very well but don’t have anyone else left) stumble upon a series of strange deaths. On top of that, the once busy town is deserted.

I was hooked towards the beginning — scared out of my mind. Though towards the end, it started losing me a little bit (once it was discovered what was happening). Although part of me was intrigued by the history of mass disappearances in the real-world (You’ll be looking them up!) I thought Koontz idea of the ancient enemy was too sci-fi for my liking. I admit, though, that it was very sci-fi, it still was spooky.

Having enjoyed the book as much as I did, I went and rented the 1998 movie, Phantoms, and wish I hadn’t. I couldn’t even get through the first 20 minutes because they had changed so much and it was so *yawn* boring. Nothing deserving of the suspenseful spook the book gave of!

If you enjoy horror (with a bit of sci-fi twist) then I definitely recommend reading Phantoms by Dean Koontz!


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  1. Suzanne says

    I read this one not too long ago and I found it to be very spooky too, I was duly unnerved! I love sci-fi so for me that just made it more creepy! I certainly enjoyed it more than his one I am wading through now, Frankenstein Book Two City of Night… it’s the third of three so far and I’m dragging my feet getting through it.

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