REVIEW: #17 Fruits Basket Vol. 1


Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Title: Fruits Basket Vol. 1
Author: Natsuki Takaya
ISBN: 1591826039
Pages: 216

Synopsis: (Taken from back of book)

A family with an ancient curse… and the girl will change their lives forever.  Tohru Honda was an orphan with no place to go until the mysterious Sohma family offered her a place to call home. Now her ordinary high school life is turned upside down as she’s introduced to the Sohma’s world of magical curses and family secrets. Discover for yourself the Secret of the Zodiac, and find out why Fruits Basket has won the hearts of readers the world over!


I have been wanting to read Fruits Basket for a while now, as it has been recommended to me in the past. Being a well-known popular shojo manga, I figured I would just automatically love it (much like I did with Marmalade Boy and Love Hina).

Unfortunately I cannot say I am a huge fan. Initially it was a confusing read, jumping around from scene to scene and I had a rough time grasping onto the characters or storyline. It didn’t help that it would jump into author commentary. However, it did start to make sense and became a rather interesting read.

Tohru Honda is a young girl who had just lost her mother. Orphaned, she moves into her Grandfather’s house. Tohru finds herself on the street very soon after after he asks her to find another place to stay temporarily while his house is remodeled/repaired. Not wanting to burden anyone, Tohru decides it’s time for her to “grow up” and become accountable for herself. Instead, she lives in a tent in the woods. One day, Tohru wanders by a classmates home and they invite her in. Realizing she is feverish, they insist she come stay with them for a while while her Grandfather’s house is being remodeled.  Not everyone is happy by this arrangement. See – this family has an incredibly secretive life that not many people know about.

These boys are possessed by the spirits of the Chinese Zodiac and every time they are hugged by members of the opposite sex, they turn into their signs (a rat, cat, etc). Unfortunately, the cat is not truly considered a member of the Chinese Zodiac due to an old tale of deception so there is constant tension in the household as  Kyo (cat) is very jealous to not be truly accepted. Kyo has a temper to show!

Tohru, wanting to find a place to truly be accepted – moves in with this family and teaches them a little about themselves in the process. Fruits Basket was a quick and cute read although not my favorite manga. I may read Vol. 2 if I find it on sale or receive it as a gift, but I probably could live without.



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  1. Steph says

    I LOVE this series. It’s really cute! This was one of the first manga series I’ve read. I own a few of them. As always, I won’t add all of the books to my self. Way too many.

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