Blast Off! (A book by Allison Maslan)


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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Allison Maslan, author of “Blast Off!”. All opinions are 100% mine.

Blast Off! is a book written by author/life coach Allison Maslan in her efforts to show people just how successful their lives can be. It’s about bringing your dreams and the life you crave into frutation; a reality.

I have to admit I am particularly interested in how this book can affect my life. I’ve had bad luck keeping jobs over the past few years due in part to my adult attention deficient disorder which cripples me with forgetfulness and disorganization. Forget that I was a great teacher and the students loved me and learned what they needed to and plus some — when you lack in organization (even if from a disability) it can really get your bosses on your back. (Oh how I wish I would have contacted the ADA on them). But – anyway — the past is the past and this book is about the future. How can this book, Blast Off!,  help me create a life that is job opportunity stable (and organized to boot?)

I also love being a stay at home Mom – but I feel stuck in a rut. How can Allison’s book, Blast Off!, help me succeed in bringing myself the success I want — and deserve?

Blast Off! is available for $24 but is available on Amazon for even less (as low as $16.47!) I think that at this price, it is a book worth checking out. If you visit her website, you’ll notice that there are even workbooks available, as well as other supplemental resources.

The launch date for Blast Off! was scheduled for January 19th 2010, so it’s already out! No need to wait to check it out. Blast Off! is available on,, as well as so there are plenty of websites to choose from in regards to purchasing Allison’s new book, Blast Off! But if you’re a brick and mortar type person who enjoys the physical aspect of shopping, the book will most likely be there too!



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