REVIEW: 99 S’Mother by Adam Chester

Title: S’Mother
Author: Adam Chester
Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-0810996458


(Taken from
And you think your mom is too involved? Meet the mother of all mothers.

Adam Chester is the son of a very loving mom, who for almost 30 years has peppered his life with unsolicited advice, news updates, and opinions in the form of thousands of inappropriate, embarrassing, and utterly crazy letters. S’Mother is a hilarious memoir based on this correspondence showing the pathological extremes maternal instincts can take. Why is a grown woman so frantic that her adult son screw on his windows to keep out killer bees? And are adult trick-or-treaters really that much of a threat? Adam saved his mom’s letters as proof this all happened and reproduces many of them in the book. And now, with time, perspective, and plenty of therapy, he acknowledges and accepts the comedy of it all and is proud to share his story with you, if for no other reason than to make you feel better about your own mother.


Oh this book gave me quite a few chuckles. S’Mother is a memoir showcasing Adam Chester’s looney mother and a few hundred insane letters she has sent him. Joan Chester is the epitome of overbearing and there is not a line she won’t cross. In fact, she reminded me of a Jewish Marie Barone (you know, from Everybody Loves Raymond).

smother-coverImagine as you will that you’re a young man going off to college. Now imagine moving across the continent just to be as far away from your mother as humanly possible. While most people go away to college and get the occasional phone call or email, imagine getting letters (hand written and mailed letters) in the mail almost every single day. Joan Chester always had something to say. Often it was unsolicited advice, her will and testament (one of the many), something random about random people he didn’t know,  and sometimes — a little  bit TMI. (Do you care about your mothers bedroom antics? No, neither does he.)

I really enjoyed S’Mother. It was hilarious, sarcastic, and heart-warming. I never felt that Adam was hateful or truly belittling of his mother as other reviewers had stated. I simply believe that after a lifetime of being completely bombarded and mortified by her behavior, he had to poke fun and make light of the situation. I would need to as well — for the sake of my sanity.

S’Mother was an easy read and can be finished in just a few hours. It’ll make a wonderful gift for anyone with an overbearing mother. Heck, it’ll give you an appreciation for the mother that you have. Any time they start embarrassing you, just quietly whisper to yourself in a soothing mantra, “She’s no Joan Chester. She’s no Joan Chester.”

I definitely recommend S’mother. I found it a great read and I can’t wait to read more.. I am sure she’s written another novel of letters by now.

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  1. Scott says

    I thought this book would be a bit more like S*it My Dad Said which I really enjoyed. Alas, it was not. After about half the book I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable with how much he was raking his mom over the coals. Strange? Overbearing? Crazy sometimes? Yes. Deserving of being ridiculed in a book that didn’t make me laugh so much as cringe whenever I read his comments? No. It had potential but missed the mark. Probably a lot better if you just stick with reading her notes and skip his.

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