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In Search of Small Town Treasures


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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

Forrest and I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately on the decline of small town(s) and what they bring to us and how we are quickly losing them to “The Man”. They are quickly becoming lost in huge corporate America as big companies are taking over the way produce is grown as well as products are being manufactured. Small farms and families can not compete!

Because there are small towns that are primarily organized around the farming industry, not everyone agrees with corporate practices. When you disagree against the “big man” you are in heavy competition with their approved farms and this can be detrimental to small family owned farms. Many homes are being lost and families put out. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It is important that we support our small town farmers (which we can find via local farmer’s markets.) You can also do your part by supporting stay at home mothers and their work at home manufactured products (which are often made at a much better quality than mass production standards and have much more sentimental value to them.) Many huge brand name companies are outsourcing labor to other countries in effort to cut back costs and you’ll see this by their “Made in Thailand” or “Made in China” tag. But how many products do you see that are “Made in America“?

Luckily some big brand name companies are realizing that outsourcing has a harsh effect on our economy, putting many locals without jobs. If we do not have jobs, we do not have money to by said products. (Not many huge corporations GET this) But Ramblers Way Farm does. They want to change the way American business is done.

Ramblers Way sources, grows, and produces fine wool clothing using 100% local resources. Instead of outsourcing to poor countries, they are bringing manufacturing facilities to small towns, helping to revitalize these run down communities. Instead of losing a bit of our history, we can actually preserve it by bringing business TO small towns, rather than taking it away and causing an inevitable decline.

The Ramblers Way Corporate office has been made from a fully remodeled building that was originally built in 1972 and is located in downtown Kennebunk, Maine. Restored to its original condition, however has been given the modern upgrades needed to conduct business and meet our current environmental standards. They have even achieved the coveted Gold Lead Certification level!

I am amazed by the efforts Rambers Way has shown in bringing jobs to small cities and helping to rejuvenate small town economy. Why aren’t more companies doing this?

I am a stay at home mother and I do a lot of “Made in America” projects including making clothing and other various items. Doing this allows me to provide for my family. It allows me to put food on the table and support my two very beautiful, sweet, wonderful, and innocent daughters. Supporting local farmers and manufacturers, and giving local people job opportunities is as if we are (in essence) taking care of each other.

In a “man eat man” world that we currently live in — we just need to take care of each other. In a big way.

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  1. Judy says


    I really enjoyed this article and the word really needs to get out there!
    Thank you for writing this

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