The Routine For Picking An Outfit

So you wake up in the morning and you wonder ” What am I going to wear today?” right? These decisions can be stressful and take up a lot of time in the morning when you’re tired, so I’m here to try and guide you to make it easier on yourself.


To begin with, I believe the foundation for any outfit should be your footwear. Once you get that established you can start moving up. What you decide to put on your feet is very important as your outfits revolve around it the majority of time, so make the wise decision with your selection.


Second has to be your top/hoody/jacket. I say so because after your shoes go on your feet everything else has to start falling in place, and you will be needing a top to compliment your sneakers. Choose something that is able to either match or contrast with the footwear.

Then we have the jeans/pants/shorts. This is basically what seals the deal, what seals the outfit. You can decide whether you’re going to wear some nice denim, camo shorts, khaki pants or etc to go along with what your outfit is already.


To finish off the deal, you can add to your pot of ingredients already with the addition of accessories, a hat, shades/glasses or just something small that will add a little “oomph” to your outfit.

Once you have these all down-packed, you should be ready to hit the town and show off your gear.

Swag Talk: Kenzo Sweatshirts

Often forgot about Japanese brand Kenzo has made their way to the iLikeSwag radar since releasing these sweatshirts.

Kenzo’s been around forever now, but you’ve probably not heard of this Japanese fashion house since they tend to stay out of the spotlight. A subsidiary of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, if you don’t know by now), Kenzo’s made its mark in the fashion industry with unconventional designs and prints. They’re back on the map within the younger, hip fashion crowd since the launch of the very popular lion-faced, Eiffel Tower, and logo sweatshirts.

I especially love that green lion-faced sweatshirt, as well as the opulent, rich red one seen in the Kenzo advertisement that’s hit the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Like most things that I tend to gravitate toward, these sweatshirts are going for a pretty penny – that red one I’m in love with is $873 – yikes! But if you’ve got it like that & are willing to drop that much on this neo-Cosby cool sweater, more power to you.

The Parisian Eiffel Tower one (seen on our girl Rih) is nice as well, but reminds me a bit of my grade school uniform for some reason. It’s safe to say that this Kenzo sweatshirt collection is going to be seen on all the too-cool-for-you girls, giving me more reason to wish that I was one of them!

What do you think of these Kenzo sweatshirts? Let me know in the comments section.

Lust Luxe: Valentino ‘Revealing’ Bootie

We can all thank the fashion gods, including Mr. Valentino himself, for the permanence of studs in this fashion house’s collections. The Valentino ‘Revealing’ Bootie is keeping my heart warm for the time being, and is one of my current lust luxes of the moment.

As you may know by now, shoes that are studded with some sort of a cutout – that still remain classy – are an automatic “yes, I need these now” item for me. This Valentino bootie is no exception.

The Revealing bootie is the perfect intersection of the beyond amazing T-strap pump with a short boot, a now-classic Fall staple. With a fairly reasonable heel (3.75″) and a patent leather & suede upper, these could transition into virtually any outfit. I absolutely love the little cut-out at the back of the ankle – I think it adds an edge and youthfulness to a shoe (and brand) that’s been largely adopted by a more mature crowd.

At $1,195, I’m  not sure these are a realistic prospect – I guess that’s why they’re considered a ‘luxe’ at the moment! My closet and I would wholeheartedly embrace these if the price was right… a girl can dream!

What do you think of the Valentino ‘Revealing’ Bootie? Let me know in the comments section.

Swag Talk: Older People x Fashion

Right off the bat, why is it that society makes it that people who aren’t deemed young anymore shouldn’t wear things that might draw a lot of attention to them? Why is it that society puts these limitations in place for them? Of course people can wear whatever they want to, but some people take into consideration of what the public will think of them if they were to do something that may just be out of the norm.

You see it all the time, older people are out shopping and as soon as the consumer finds something that catches their eye, most of the times you hear someone say ” oh you can’t wear that.” The reasons for that statement maybe because the product may be too bright, too flashy, not subtle enough for the wearer of the item. But why is this? Are young people the only people that have the RIGHT to wear anything they choose to? I disagree with this and I believe people shouldn’t succumb to the irrational opinions of society.

I applaud the 60-year old man who decides to buy that vivid orange Nike sneaker, I salute the 70-year old man who I always run into every week who is always seen sporting the volt green Air Max sneaker. Why? Because they don’t let anything hold them back from showcasing their fashion sense. Most people might say what they were is outrageous but at the end of the day, they are only saying this because they have let society brainwash them into thinking that it’s unacceptable. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong but the point of this is put the spotlight on an issue that has plagued us for such a long time. What do you think?

Is the Swag Right? Skull Fashion

Skulls have fairly seamlessly transitioned their way into the fashion world, but are they a trend that we should keep or get rid of?

There’s an overwhelming divided opinion on skulls in fashion – you’re either for them and think they’re edgy, or you’re against them because you think they’re a little offensive. Personally – in limited quantities – I like the skull motif. My mother, on the other hand, thinks they’re ugly and in poor taste.

I would say that British superman Alexander McQueen has always done a pretty good job of joining skulls with fashion staples – as seen in his extremely popular silk scarves, shoes, and clutches. Givenchy’s take on a skull in watercolor pastel colors is interesting, as are Christian Dior’s opulent and icy skull rings.

I can say, however, that skull overkill can look trashy, cheap, and creepy. A strong skull motif tends to not sit well with me – it’s a little too hard core and intimidating for my taste. I prefer the theme to be worked in and more subtle, looking more like a pattern – like that Zara blouse (top right) and those Jeffrey Campbell flats, or used as a single statement piece like the Dior rings.

What do you think of skulls in fashion? Guys – I’d love to hear your opinion because I have absolutely no idea where you stand on this. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Nails of the moment

Hey Hey!

I have been M.I.A again for a little bit as I have been adjusting to getting back to London time and my regular routine but as Valentines is here, I wanted to do my nails and these seemed cute and pretty and fitting for celebrating the day if you are, but staying on the subtle side, or could even be worn anyway and not have a valentines feel at all!

I used two colours by Essie, the pink colour being ‘Not just a pretty face’ and the rose gold metallic colour being ‘ Penny Talk’. I applied the pink colour to each nail, let them dry and added a second coat to each nail one by one, but just before moving onto the next nail, I’d take a clean nail art brush, dip it in the colour Penny talk and do paint brush like strokes through the wet pink colour on the nail, covering the nail in brush strokes. I’d then move on the following nail and repeat the step until all nails were done. I then let them dry before applying a top coat 🙂 Simples!

Hope you guys like this nail look and I will see you very soon with some fashion related goodness!

Hope you are all well!!

Layer it up!

It’s only the beginning of winter, yet it is already so cold and rainy outside! Here’s some cute and cozy outfit ideas that’ll help keep you warm and safe from the weather while still looking stylish.

The easiest way to keep warm is to layer from head to toe.  This means you can go all out and wear the coziest sweaters, hats and gloves, while still looking cute of course.  For hats, try wearing a beanie or wide brim hat, they’re perfect for keeping your head warm.  Splendid has some great beanies and Aritzia has some great fedora alternatives.  Next are scarves, which can be used to keep your neck warm or used as a shall.  Big wool scarves are great for winter, and can be especially cute in vintage patterns.

As far as jackets and sweaters go, it is important to build up layers, starting with the lightest fabric. An example would be a light weight t-shirt underneath a thick flannel paired with a utilitarian jacket. Another alternative is to just wear a great big wool or fur coat over whatever you are wearing. If bought in a neutral color with small details, they can go with just about anything! The best thing about winter is all the great boot options. I love wearing my distressed Frye’s with a pair of wool knee high socks underneath. Lastly, don’t forget your mittens and a Venti Starbucks tea to help keep you warm this winter!

Dotting around

I am a big fan of Urban Outfitters and recently got my hands on this awesome dungarees dress contraption pictured above (and available here) which I think is super duper cute especially dressed down like I did above or even thrown over a bikini on the beach on holiday! In the words of Paris Hitlon, loves it.

And, I want to let you know that you guys can get 20% off any full price product using the code ‘FILTHY20’ on the Urban Outfitters website – and shipping is free on order over £50!

There are also loads of festival ticket giveaways up for grabs here for you to check out if you’re interested, why not eh! Got nothing to lose I say ^.^
Hope you guys are well and enjoy the post, and make sure you make the most of the 20% off code!

Feathered Earrings

Long time, I know, and I apologise! But I have been busy with lots of different things, and had a bit of a writer’s block, but recently noticed my growing collection of feathered earrings and I had to take pics and show you guys one of my new fave’s of the moment !!
And here you have them, pictured above! One of my favourite new trends is the feathered earing, and they are so versatile and easy to wear, and come in so many different colours, and sizes, that they are perfect with almost every simple outfit !

All the earrings pictured above are from Topshop, and range in price, between £8-£15 I think, but are a must have in this winter’s wardrobe, especially if you have long hair, as they can really make your ear’s pop !
So beauts, go out and get your paws on some feathered jewels!

Back to School Essentials

Going back to school is always bittersweet. Summer is over and school stress slowly starts to pile on, but friends are reunited and there is no better place to showcase fall trends than at school. Sometimes the back to school trends can be confusing, so that’s why we’re here to make your first day back to school outfit easier to put together! Being Seattle-ites, it’s important for us to stay up to date on trends and looking stylish while still being able to dress for our unpredictable weather. Luckily for us, however, the end of August through September is the most beautiful time of the year, making getting dressed a breeze compared to those gross rainy days.

While it is important to be up-to-date on trends and look stylish, it is even more important to dress for yourself and have your own style. Sometimes at school it is easy for everyone to dress the same, resulting in teenage duplicates wandering down the halls. Hopefully after reading this article, you will know how to keep your own style while still incorporating the trends that work with your body shape, style, and personality. There is nothing more up-to-date and stylish than being yourself and having your own style.
Along with keeping up-to-date with magazines, another great way to get inspiration for back to school is to go on as well as Chictopia. Happy back to school shopping!

Every year there is one statement jacket that rules above all other pieces. This fall, it is the blazer. There is nothing more chic than a great fitting black blazer. To try something new, try a white blazer (they’re super in!) for those wanting to put a twist on the classic. There is also a boyfriend blazer (Urban Outfitter’s boyfriend blazer below) to tie in the masculine trend that is also in this fall. Lastly, for you risk takers, try a sequined, velvet, or silk blazer. All blazers look fantastic with a great pair of fitting jeans and a simple v-neck white t-shirt. There are numerous ways to wear a blazer, though. Try pairing it with your favorite frilly dress to give it an edge, or with a pair of high waist shorts to play up the preppy factor. There is nothing more flattering than a blazer, so in my opinion, you can never have too many; and plus, there are so many different colors and prints to buy them in!

Forever 21 classic black blazer $39.80

Wilfred Le Fou crepe blazer $225 (ON SALE!); Aritzia

Kourtney Kardashian rocking the white blazer with a pair of flare jeans


As far as tops go, the classic white v-neck is always in style. One trend to most definitely try is the denim on denim look. One thing about denim on denim is making sure they are different colors, otherwise, you’ll look like one big piece of fabric! Try a denim shirt with a pair of dark skinny jeans or pair it with a flow-y maxi/mini dress to make it more casual. Also, a great pencil skirt paired with a denim shirt and cute scarf is for sure to make a great outfit.

Ashley Olsen Sporting Denim on Denim


Like every year, there is nothing more “in-style” than a great pair of jeans that fits your body type perfectly. A lot of times, teens can get caught up in trends and ignore what looks good on their bodies. While it can be fun to try new denim trends (like the 70’s inspired flare or the skinny colored denim) it is most important to buy jeans that flatter your figure and make you feel comfortable. Whether your “go-to” jeans are straight leg, skinny, boot-cut, cropped, or boyfriend, wear what is right for you. If the new denim trends work for your style and body, then take advantage of that and work them into your wardrobe!

LeAnn Rimes and Whitney Port wearing their colored denim (Whitney has the denim on denim trend spot on!)


Shoes can make or break an outfit, which is why it is important to have shoes that are firstly comfortable for walking around in at school, and secondly, shoes that are in style and fit your personality. With all our rainy and cold weather it can be hard to avoid those comfy but oh-so overrated UGGS. Hopefully some of these options can help you! One trend that is in for shoes is the oxford/loafer look along with the relaxed Frye motorcycle boot. For those of you not afraid to walk around in heels, try a chunky heeled bootie or wedge. Of course, there is nothing more versatile and in style than a cute ballet flat in different colors and prints.

Accessories are the place where you can have the most freedom in your outfits. While there are some trends to be familiar with, like layering bracelets and necklaces or wearing a cute fedora (try a dark brown or black one for fall!) to school, this is the place that identifies your style and personality most. Although it can be pricey, Chan Luu has great wrap leather bracelets and charm necklaces that can totally complete an out fit. A more economical place for jewelry is also Forever21, and they have some great pieces as well! Whether it’s a bright nail polish, chunky rings, or a deep plum wool scarf, wear what adds to your style but also try and incorporate the trends into your outfits for an up to date look.