Why Are Timberland Boots Still Relevant?

Other than being utilized for winter conditions, I don’t see why people  choose to wear a pair of Timbs on a regular day. In my opinion, they’re really heavy and bulky and very tough to walk in. I’ve only had one pair and I didn’t enjoy the shoe but I’m not like everyone. Some people have different likes and they may just love that shoe, and I can’t knock that, but still it puzzles me.

Another thing is I never understood why celebrities choose to wear them to an event, to a concert, in a music video or a party. They have so much money and to see them in a pairs of Timbs to me, it’s somewhat a downgrade. It’s like you’re given a Lamborghini to drive but you choose to pick a Ford truck; maybe I don’t see what they see in the shoe. Maybe it’s more than just a shoe to them, maybe it represents a certain aspect of their culture, or where they grew up it maybe symbolized something. This may be the case as Wale represented for his city with the Nike Boots anthem a few years ago.

It surely brings out a very edgy, gritty and rough side to someone’s style and it can definitely add some unexpected flair to an outfit ala Kanye West back when he had a handful of Amber Rose. This I must agree with for sure.

Maybe one day I can get to interview someone such as Fabolous or even a Jay-Z and tap into their mind about the phenomenon of these shoes, until then I will keep on searching for the answer. Sound off!

Swag Talk: Zara Suits

If you’re in need of a dapper outfit for a special occasion, look no further – Zara’s men’s suiting collection will take you to very fashionable heights.As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of Zara. In my opinion, their quality and sophisticated design reign supreme compared to many other retailers – it’s also not a secret that Zara has a knack for taking luxury designer looks and making them their own for a much lesser cost. Zara’s men’s line in general is very sophisticated and European – it takes a certain person to carry that look off, and is definitely not to everyone’s taste – but their suiting is definitely worth stopping in to check out.

I’m a huge fan of suits – they’re kind of my weakness. They’re universally flattering (for the most part), and generally make every guy look his best. I love the classic black-&-white-suit-with-slim-black-tie combination, but then again I can’t say that well-fitting suits in general aren’t nice to look at. Here are some of my favorites from Zara’s online store, anywhere from $150 – $250ish:

Some of Zara’s best in suiting.

I definitely recommend stopping by Zara for your next suit – make sure you get the right fit! Baggy suits are a no-no.

What do you think of these suits? Let me know in the comments section.

Swag Talk: My Favorite Denim Brands x Aritzia

My two favorite brands of jeans – J Brand and rag & bone – have recently collaborated with Aritzia to create some amazing colored jeans for the fall season.

The fit, comfort, design and style of rag & bone and J Brand jeans make them my absolute favorite denim to wear. There are few brands that I can count on to meet my jean needs – these two never cease to amaze me. They’ve partnered up with Aritzia to release several different colors of skinny jeans that will be great in the upcoming Fall weather.

I love the distressed black pair by rag & bone (bottom left) – I’ve tried them on and for some reason, they run really small compared to their regular jeans – not sure why. I have some rag & bone’s in a similar blue and emerald green color, and I must say that they’ve been a great addition to my closet. The deep red colors are really pretty too, and a great warm hue for fall.

I would definitely recommend picking up a pair or two to add to your jean wardrobe. What do you think of the collaboration? Let me know in the comments section.

Is The Swag Right: Fred Perry Clothing

I have known about this brand for close to three years now and since the beginning, I’ve been impressed by Fred Perry designs. This opinion hasn’t changed over the years, but it has grown even stronger. Fred Perry is an English company, but their presence is felt all over the world. Through their clothing and merchandise, you can tell that they pride themselves on authenticity, simplicity and integrity.

My personal favorites from Fred Perry are their tops – this consists of anything from a shirt to a sweater, etc. Their designs are plain and simple for the most part, while sometimes they blend two colors together; all in all these items are masterfully made. The material itself feels like heaven and their fits are great – I do find that they run a tad bit smaller than other brands, though.

For me, the greatest thing about Fred Perry is their logo. The laurel wreath is something that is known across the world, and it’s a beautifully constructed. The brand doesn’t tend to go overboard with its items and that’s what keeps it alive. People love the simple things that are easy on the eye. Although their designs are understated, they adds a sense of sophistication to your look. I mean what man doesn’t like to look decent in a nice short sleeve polo right?

If you’re looking for some new shirts, you should most definitely take a look at Fred Perry and discover something new if you aren’t familiar with them.

Swag Talk: Kenzo Sweatshirts

Often forgot about Japanese brand Kenzo has made their way to the iLikeSwag radar since releasing these sweatshirts.

Kenzo’s been around forever now, but you’ve probably not heard of this Japanese fashion house since they tend to stay out of the spotlight. A subsidiary of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, if you don’t know by now), Kenzo’s made its mark in the fashion industry with unconventional designs and prints. They’re back on the map within the younger, hip fashion crowd since the launch of the very popular lion-faced, Eiffel Tower, and logo sweatshirts.

I especially love that green lion-faced sweatshirt, as well as the opulent, rich red one seen in the Kenzo advertisement that’s hit the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Like most things that I tend to gravitate toward, these sweatshirts are going for a pretty penny – that red one I’m in love with is $873 – yikes! But if you’ve got it like that & are willing to drop that much on this neo-Cosby cool sweater, more power to you.

The Parisian Eiffel Tower one (seen on our girl Rih) is nice as well, but reminds me a bit of my grade school uniform for some reason. It’s safe to say that this Kenzo sweatshirt collection is going to be seen on all the too-cool-for-you girls, giving me more reason to wish that I was one of them!

What do you think of these Kenzo sweatshirts? Let me know in the comments section.

Lust Luxe: Valentino ‘Revealing’ Bootie

We can all thank the fashion gods, including Mr. Valentino himself, for the permanence of studs in this fashion house’s collections. The Valentino ‘Revealing’ Bootie is keeping my heart warm for the time being, and is one of my current lust luxes of the moment.

As you may know by now, shoes that are studded with some sort of a cutout – that still remain classy – are an automatic “yes, I need these now” item for me. This Valentino bootie is no exception.

The Revealing bootie is the perfect intersection of the beyond amazing T-strap pump with a short boot, a now-classic Fall staple. With a fairly reasonable heel (3.75″) and a patent leather & suede upper, these could transition into virtually any outfit. I absolutely love the little cut-out at the back of the ankle – I think it adds an edge and youthfulness to a shoe (and brand) that’s been largely adopted by a more mature crowd.

At $1,195, I’m  not sure these are a realistic prospect – I guess that’s why they’re considered a ‘luxe’ at the moment! My closet and I would wholeheartedly embrace these if the price was right… a girl can dream!

What do you think of the Valentino ‘Revealing’ Bootie? Let me know in the comments section.

Is the Swag Right? Skull Fashion

Skulls have fairly seamlessly transitioned their way into the fashion world, but are they a trend that we should keep or get rid of?

There’s an overwhelming divided opinion on skulls in fashion – you’re either for them and think they’re edgy, or you’re against them because you think they’re a little offensive. Personally – in limited quantities – I like the skull motif. My mother, on the other hand, thinks they’re ugly and in poor taste.

I would say that British superman Alexander McQueen has always done a pretty good job of joining skulls with fashion staples – as seen in his extremely popular silk scarves, shoes, and clutches. Givenchy’s take on a skull in watercolor pastel colors is interesting, as are Christian Dior’s opulent and icy skull rings.

I can say, however, that skull overkill can look trashy, cheap, and creepy. A strong skull motif tends to not sit well with me – it’s a little too hard core and intimidating for my taste. I prefer the theme to be worked in and more subtle, looking more like a pattern – like that Zara blouse (top right) and those Jeffrey Campbell flats, or used as a single statement piece like the Dior rings.

What do you think of skulls in fashion? Guys – I’d love to hear your opinion because I have absolutely no idea where you stand on this. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Is the Swag Right? Venus Bustier and Maxi Dress

Nasty Gal has recently released their holiday collection which includes the Venus Bustier and the Venus Maxi Dress – letting you to show a little skin even in the chilly weather.

Mixing mod and vintage shapes, the Venus Bustier and Venus Maxi Dress take cutouts and skin-showing to another level.

I love the way the Venus Maxi Dress ($148) in white looks on the blonde model. However, I definitely don’t think this is a look for everyone. Anyone with too big of a chest – or too little – might have a difficult time carrying this off, but then again if you can rock it well, more power to you.  I think I would get the Bustier ($78) because it’s a little more versatile, and would show off the abs that I may or may not be working on for the future warmer months.

The Venus Maxi Dress is available in white and black, exclusively at Nasty Gal. The Venus Bustier is available in black only.

Look out for a breakdown of the entire Nasty Gal Holiday Collection soon.

What do you think of the Venus Bustier and Maxi Dress? Let me know in the comments section.

All About Secret Sales!

Today I have an exciting opportunity to share with you that you can all be a part of! If you are wondering what it could be (maybe winning a designer bag? 😛 ) Well first of all I want to share with you a fab website I recently discovered called Secret Sales ( http://secretsales.com/ ) and if you are a lover of all things Designer like myself, then you too may love the website as much as I do!

Secret Sales is a website that focuses on the sale of Luxury Lifestyle & Designer brands at a fraction of their original retail price, and all you lovelies have to do is sign up and you have instant access to the amazing Designer brands that are available ranging from brands such as Louis Vuitton Vintage, Misaki, Designer Vintage Sunglasses and much much more as they receive new designer items ranging from clothing to jewellery and accessories every day! To give you guys an idea of some of the amazing items up for grabs, I have listed some of the items that are for sale and their details, along with the remaining time before the item is no longer available!
Louis Vuitton ‘Alma’ Black Leather £802
On Sale from Tuesday 10th July from 5pm until Friday 13th July

Vintage Hugo Boss Unisex Sunglasses (Top Left & Right) £79 each
Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses (Bottom Left & Right) £115 each
Sale begins Wednesday 11th July until Saturday 14th July

•Misaki Jewellery which feature white, pink & grey velvet pearls

•Available from Wednesday 11th July – Saturday 14th July

•X-treme Lustre Pink Pearl Bracelet £95 Now £42

•Earring Clips £47 Now £22

•Earrings £35 Now £17

If Secret Sales amazing concept appeals to you just as much as it does to me (I love a good Sale without the madness of being in a shop!) then click the link below and it will take you straight to the sign up page, and not only do you get instant access to the newly launched Sales that are only available for a limited time, but you also get automatically entered into a competition to win a Brand New Marc Jacobs Hand Bag as pictured below that is worth a whopping £500 but remember, you must click the link below to be entered!

The Marc Jacobs Bag that could be yours!

Click here to Sign up and be entered into the competition 🙂

This really is such a cool concept & hope you guys enjoy the Sales!! And to all those who clicked the link, good luck in the draw for the Marc Jacobs bag! Until next time 🙂 xoxo