Beauty: New & Noteworthy

Today I wanted to share a few new beauty items I’ve bought recently from Whole Foods supermarket on Kensington High Street as I am really fond of their beauty section, a lot of it being naturally sourced, chemical free, animal cruelty free etc… So here are some of the items I got and have been enjoying and do let me know if you’d like more of these posts!

•De-Stress fine bath salts
Another purchase from Whole foods, I have become  a bit of a bath sats fiend recently haha I just can’t get enough! I have gathered a small collection of different salts to use, and I have to say it was hard to choose! Whole foods sell a few of their own salts, like the one I got which comes in a large bottle a pictured above. (smaller sizes available)
These particular salts smell incredible and at £9.99 I do think a little goes a long way!

•The Eco Bath Balance & Calming Epsom bath salts
Okay so all of the stuff pictured above can be found in whole foods :P As you can see the bath salt variety wasn’t lacking and I couldn’t resist leaving a small pot of these Epsom salts behind. They do these particular salts in this small size and in a larger tube, and they have a good variety for specific needs such as cold/flu, muscle pain etc…

•Intelligent Nutrients Pure Luxe Harmonic Shampoo & Conditioner
I originally purchased small versions of this shampoo & conditioner to test them out as the larger bottles pictured above are quite pricy but in my opinion there are  great benefits in paying that little bit extra for these products. I really like how the fragrance isn’t overpowering as it can often be with natural products, and although the shampoo may not lather as much as a high street/drug store shampoo, it gently cleanses the hair and combined with the conditioner leaves my hair feeling great, easy to manage (as I let it air dry) and nice and shiny!
This particular brand also focuses on animal cruelty free products and non-toxic chemistry which I have to say is something that will always win me over.

•Lady Green Gentle Facial Scrub for Young Sking:
I have yet to use this scrub but I have been in need of a new facial scrub to use one a week and I came across this whilst browsing through Whole foods supermarket on Kensington High Street and I have to say, I was sold by the packaging! Ha. Probably not the best thing to judge a product by, but I am a fan of most things in Whole foods so I’m gonna give it a try!

•John Masters Organics Moroccan Clay Purifying Mask
My skin has been pretty problematic recently for some reason so I was looking for a purifying mask to help draw out the impurities and what not so I decided to give this one a try. I have used it once so far and I like how even though it is such a small pot (and it’s pricy) a small amount goes a long as it is to be applied to a damp face.
It left my skin feeling refreshed and cleansed,  so far no complaints!

•Avalon Organics Tea tree Scalp treatment
I bought this shampoo again for Fabio as he has used it before and ran out, & it is one of the few products that keeps his dry scalp at bay. He uses hair gel on a regular basis which unfortunately dries out his scalp and so in turn he has to use a shampoo to keep it moisturised and flake free and this shampoo does the trick, especially VS the T-Gel shampoo as he has used that before.

I hope you enjoy reading these types of posts, do let me know down in the comment section and I will make sure to keep them coming! Hope you’re all wooonderful ^.^ xo

My ‘No Make-up’ Beach Beauty Routine

Hey Hey!
As I am on holiday, heading to the beach is a given and therefore my beach beauty routine is back into action and I thought I would share with you guys what works for me! I do like to keep it as natural as possible on the beach and stick to a ‘no make-up’ look and therefore the products I use are simple and there aren’t many of them.
Starting with a tinted moisturiser which for me is a must-have as it not only has an SPF in it (which you will need if you are going to be in the sun!) and provides natural coverage without cake face or OTT make-up for the beach. I then stick to a waterproof mascara, a tinted lip balm & I also like to fill in my brows as I personally feel that it shapes my face and doesn’t look so odd haha!

The products I like to use, as pictured above, are as follows:
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in ‘Sand’
This product does what is says on the tube, it provides an SPF of 20 which is a good amount for your face and I would recommend sticking to an SPF of 20 or more to keep your face safe in the sun. My only complaint about this product is that the consistency is quite thick and it can be quite tough to evenly spread on your face, but apart from that it is a good product all round.

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow (for brows) in ‘Coffee Ground’ 
This eyeshadow is my holy grail when it comes to my eyebrows as the colour seems to match perfectly and it took me a while to find a good matte shadow that not only matches the colour of my brows perfectly but also stays put. I use the small Mac angled brush to apply this to my brows.

Lancome Oscillation Primer & L’Oreal Volume Collagen Boost Waterproof Mascara 
Another holy grail product of mine is the Lancome primer mascara as it adds that extra bit of length and volume to your lashed before you apply your mascara. I have been using the L’Oreal collagen boost waterproof mascara and it does the job, although I still have yet to find my “perfect” waterproof mascara.

Secret Deodorant in Pear scent
Bit of an odd product to talk about but I am quite picky with my deodorants and I have yet to find a deo that works and smells as good as this deo that is available in CVS / Walgreens over here in the States, but unfortunately isn’t available in the UK and I have bought three deo’s over in the UK that just don’t cut it! I will be bringing back like 5 of these with me when I head back to London haha!

Mark Hill Summer Hair Serum with SPF6
I am a major control freak when it comes to keeping my hair healthy and therefore I highly reccomend a protective serum or spray for your hair preferably with an SPF as it will keep your hair from getting frazzled by the sun on the beach or by the pool. This product is quite thick and not my all time favourite but is a good product and does the trick.
In terms of a lip balm, I would recommend any with an SPF as it will help to prevent wrinkles around your lips which tend to appear as we get older, and of course if we can prevent that from happening then we should. You can also get a tinted moisturiser like I have as it will give you a pop of colour on your lips and that will always contribute to a healthy glow which we all want when are on the beach!
If you care for a video on how I apply my beach look and also care for a bit of a beach vlog, then look nor further! Check out my ‘No make-up’ beach beauty routine video below!